NCAA Tournament Time

By: Meghan Meleski ’14 & M.A. Boles ’14

The 2013 ODAC Championship Trophy!

The 2013 ODAC Championship Trophy!

It is my favorite time of year! NCAAs! There is such an excitement about the upcoming weekend; it really makes it so much fun. Winning ODACs was awesome, especially as a senior on our home court. It was a great feeling and a great way to end a career in the Warner Center. But my overall career isn’t over! We are travelling today and heading down to Emory. I actually really love this trip, whether it’s for NCAAs or when we would play tournaments down there. Atlanta is such a fun place and we always have a great time on the 8/9 hour bus ride.

We’ve had a good couple of practices to prepare and I really think the atmosphere and attitude amongst the team is strong. We are incredibly happy with our ODAC win, especially because it was one of our goals. But we know that we are not done. We have more goals to accomplish! Our road in the NCAAs looks really good too! I’m excited to be able to continue my career playing competitive volleyball with the top teams in the country, Washington and Lee being one of those top teams! Let’s go Gennies!!!
– Meghan –

Getting ready for NCAA’s this week has been really exciting! We had three awesome practices, playing a lot of 6 on 6, and I think we are definitely ready to head into a great weekend. We left bright and early this morning, but the drive to Atlanta always goes by faster than expected with a lot of movie and work time.

I can’t wait to play on Friday especially coming off of Saturday’s strong wins. Also, the NCAA tournament tends to have a special feeling in the air. No one is allowed in the gym during our practice time and we aren’t even allowed to use our Gatorade water bottles because the event is sponsored by Powerade! Hopefully, we’ll come back on Monday with three wins under our belts!
– M.A. –


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