Team Bonfire

By: Kasey Cannon ’16

Cooking hotdogs over the fire

Cooking hotdogs over the fire

Every year before the ODAC tournament, the team gets together at Coach Snyder’s house for a bonfire. This year, all sixteen of us bundled up in warm coats, hats, gloves, and blankets and cooked hotdogs over an open fire. Being a true city girl, this was my first time cooking hotdogs over an open fire! Needless to say, my second hotdog was much more successful than my first. Coach’s wife, Holly, cooks for every team get-together at Coach’s house. Holly is the one of the team’s favorite chefs. This year, Holly cooked us macaroni and cheese, beans, and casserole. Holly even made gluten-free meals for the three with the unfortunate stomachs (Elizabeth, Maddie Kosar, and myself)! Holly’s birthday was also the same night as the bonfire. For her birthday present, the entire team beautifully sang Christmas songs to Holly (but not really, because nobody can sing except for Alex). After eating several rounds of hot dogs and singing our hearts out, it was time for dessert. Dessert is by far my favorite part of every meal, and there is no better way to end the night than with some s’mores! The team never leaves Coach’s house with an empty stomach!!

Enjoying said hotdogs

Enjoying said hotdogs

Besides the delicious food, the team always looks forward to the entertainment from Coach’s children, Geneva and Devon. Tonight at the bonfire, Devon was acting as a gangster-werewolf. I never knew what a gangster-werewolf was until the bonfire—you learn something new every day! Devon and Geneva are known for their singing and dancing performances.  They are quite the dynamic duo.

All bundled up on a cold night

All bundled up on a cold night

The annual bonfire at Coach’s house is something I look forward to each season. The bonfire is another way for the team to hang out and bond. There is never a dull moment when the sixteen of us are together and I learn more funny and embarrassing stories about my teammates every time we are together! The bonfire is a great way to start off the ODAC tournament! The bonfire satisfies everyone’s stomachs and puts everyone is good spirits. The bonfire is a wonderful tradition for the W&L volleyball program!


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