Halloween at W&L

By: Ellie Darbyshire ’17

HAPPY FALL!!! The leaves have started to change color and sweaters and boots are now common attire in the chilly weather. Pumpkins can be seen all around campus—by the entrances to dorms, on windowsills, and even in trees. I have a small jack-o-lantern in my room (minus the candle because they aren’t allowed in the dorms) that I carved on a rush date with Kelly McManus. I also splurged on a bag of candy corn and have been munching on them all week. It definitely feels like fall.

The groutfits

The groutfits

Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, W&L students celebrated a day early, since Wednesday is usually a night out for students. It’s typical for first-year halls or sororities to dress up together and all the costumes were really creative! Black Swans, 80s basketball players, and even a few ghosts could be seen walking down Washington Street. My hall decided to wear groutfits (all grey outfits). Everyone wore grey t-shirts and yoga pants. It was probably one of the comfiest Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.  Everyone in Maddy and Kenzie’s hall decided to do individual costumes including SpongeBob, a minion, and an Eskimo. One of their good friends went as all the Avengers, and had a different piece of each hero on her costume.

pic2Only a few of my teammates were able to celebrate this year because most of us were swamped with tests and papers. I spent my evening reading an Andrew Jackson biography for my history class and doing Calculus homework. Though I did take a short study break to walk down to Sweet Things for ice cream with one of my friends from my hall. Christina Kamis is featured below in a lovely Pink Lady costume with Captain Crunch and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The rest of us all had to stay in last night and work. The sophomore class also registered for winter term classes this morning, so they had to be up extra early at seven a.m. The team travels to Emory and Henry on Friday for an ODAC match on Saturday, so everyone is trying to work ahead.

Christina Kamis

Christina Kamis – the Pink Lady

My first Halloween away from home wasn’t very eventful. No one played any tricks on me (thank goodness!), but I did get a few treats. Coach’s wife, Holly, and their daughter, Geneva, came to visit during practice dressed in their costumes. Geneva was a Princess and Holly was Darth Vader. It reminded me of all the crazy things I dressed up as when I was her age. Though I’ll admit Geneva made a much better Princess than I did. The dining services prepared a Halloween themed dinner tonight that was fantastic. The kitchen staff decorated D-hall with spider webs and skeletons and all the food had “spooky” names. All the freshmen loved the Ghoulie Chicken Pot Pie and the Graveyard Cake. We are all excited about our on Saturday. We can’t wait to come out with another win and hopefully get back earlier enough to hang out with our friends!


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