Class Dinners

By: Allison Rouse ’14

Senior Outside Hitter Allison Rouse.

Senior Outside Hitter Allison Rouse.

Another great tradition that we have as a volleyball program is class dinners. Every year Coach invites us into his home as a class for dinner. It’s a great experience that I have really enjoyed the past four year. It’s a time we get to bond as a class, with Coach and with his family. Some of my favorite memories have happened at class dinners.

Our freshman year we were so ready for a change from eating d-hall every night and could not wait for a home cooked meal. Something we learned early on is that Holly (Coach’s wife) is an excellent cook, especially her desserts! Since it was our first time going to Coach’s on our own we, of course, got lost, but after exploring Buena Vista for a little bit we made it!  Our freshman year we were all a little nervous about the dinner. Mash wanted to ask for help from Holly because we had been learning to seal dive and she had developed a bruise that turned into a calcium deposit (Holly is the former Head Athletic Trainer at W&L). However, as freshman we were too embarrassed to ask, but now we ask for Holly’s advice all the time!  We usually go to the dinners together and as a class we love to blast music in the car and dance. Sophomore year we were listening to music on our way over to Coach’s and Emily was dancing so hard she got whiplash. It was hard to explain to Coach what had happened when we got there, but thankfully it wasn’t a very severe case of whiplash.

One of the other great things that happens during our class dinners is we get to hang out with Coach’s kids, Geneva and Devon. Our junior year we had our dinner close to Halloween and they had us try and guess what they were going to be. Geneva’s was easy to guess; we knew she was going to be some sort of princess. Since she has long blond hair, Rapunzel was an obvious choice. Devon was much harder to guess and even though he gave us hints we still could not get it. He finally told us he was going to be a gangster. Then we got to see them try on their costumes, which was extremely cute. After that we had to ask them what they were going to be this year during our dinner. Geneva didn’t know yet, but Devon told us he is going to be a wolverine gangster that was shot with a poison arrow. Where he comes up with this stuff none of us will ever know! This year Meg and Mash also got to talk to Devon about Spanish culture because he has an exchange student in his class this year from Spain. Both Meg and Mash studied abroad in Seville and were able to help him understand some of his classmate’s different tendencies. As I mentioned before Holly is a great cook and she is also extremely nice and accommodating. I am kind of a picky eater and she had bought the food for our dinner after Coach asked us what foods to stay away from. Holly had bought shrimp to make a seafood soup and I don’t eat seafood she made me handmade chicken tenders which were fantastic!

We also always hear about other class dinners and some pretty interesting things have happened at others as well. Last year, Kelly and Katie almost got hit by a rouge cow that had escaped from a farm on their drive to Coach’s. Also last year, during the freshman class dinner, we found out that Kasey participated in horseless horse shows when she was a kid, which yes, is in fact a real thing. This tradition makes us all feel like a part of Coach’s family and is something I will truly miss next year.


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