Recruiting Visits

By; Courtney Freudenthal ’17

Elizabeth Hollander with her recruit.

Elizabeth Hollander with her recruit.

So I get to share with you all what an official visit looks like! Recruits typically arrive with their parents Friday morning around 10 am. The first-year hosts all get to meet the recruits in Coach’s office at this time. It’s an exciting time for both the first-years and the recruits because it’s the first time we actually get to meet! From here the host will take care of getting the recruits’ luggage settled in their rooms and then take them off their first activities.

There are a couple different options at this point, but usually either the recruits will go sit in on a class with their host or another player on the team or get an inside tour of campus. At some point during the weekend we try to get all the recruits to get a tour of the insides of the Sorority houses as well. Each recruit has their own schedule for the class they visit, so the girls tend to go off in different directions with the players. At some point the recruits also get to experience D-Hall for lunch – the dining hall on campus that is a major part of the first-year experience!

After the morning/day activities, we all get to take the girls over to the DubC (Warner Center) for volleyball. Depending on the weekend we’ll either have practices or games. Either way we’ll start in the locker room and show the girls the whole experience of getting ready to play. Next stop is the training room. Here the girls get to see us get treatment and heat to get our bodies ready for volleyball. We can chat here and talk about anything the recruits want to know!

Ellie Darbyshire and her recruit

Ellie Darbyshire and her recruit

On game days the girls will come up with us to the scouting report then over to the court to watch and cheer us on!!! Friday nights we get dinner together then usually have a more relaxing time getting to know each other while hanging out in the dorms…typically Kenzie’s room because its really big.

Saturdays are typically game days but it again depends on the weekend. Either way we start it off showing the recruits what our normal routine looks like- breakfast at D-Hall, getting ready in the training room…. PLAY!

Once our games or practices are finished, the girls get to have their individual meetings with their parents and Coach.  They take turns going, and while the other girls are waiting, the Generals families all hang about and chat with the recruits and their parents too.

After the volleyball events of the weekend have come to a close on Saturdays we get to show the girls what a night at W&L looks like. We’ll all get dinner – changing it up sometimes and going to CO-OP (the café instead of the dining hall) – then get an idea of what the recruits are game to do and go from there!

Having a blast with the recruits and all our friends at school is definitely a great part of the weekend. As the night comes to a close, the hosts will take their recruits to bed and call it a night. Sunday morning, the recruits will pack up and head back home on their way. We love having recruits because they are always so nice and eager to find out about our awesome General’s volleyball program as well as the school itself.

That’s just a quick over view of an official visit and hosting a recruit!


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