Recapping our “Off Weekend”

By: Maddie Kosar ’16

We were looking forward to going all out in our support of the football team!

We were looking forward to going all out in our support of the football team!

At some schools, off weekends may be a reason to get a break from your program, but for our team, it is another reason for us to make more memories together.  One of our goals this season was to attend a football game together, and that can get a little tough since our schedules overlap so much.  Fortunately, our off weekend this year fell on the weekend of a home football game.  This year, we have been privileged enough to have a high attendance of fall sport athletes at our games.  This turnout means a lot to our program, so we really enjoy making an impact for them too.

We decided that just being there was not enough to make an impression; we had to go all out.  After messily painting our faces (lucky for W&L, Christina is the only art minor!) we headed off to the game.  Remembering how loud the football team was for us, we cheered them on as loud as seventeen girls are capable of cheering.  We got some weird looks from the girls in their blue sundresses, but the boys appreciated our spirit after the game.  After three hours of screaming for the Generals, the boys were victorious with a final score of 35-24.

photoI look forward to our annual team football game because we get to bond in a different way than just on the court.  Over the past two years, we have created some really fun traditions for this game.  First, we all meet up and paint our faces, and then we make signs for all of our friends.  My favorite part is when we score a touchdown and Kasey and I get to do our celebratory chest bump.  I love being a part of a team where we make bonding like this a priority.  Building relationships with other sports teams can be overlooked, but the other sports teams know how important encouraging fans can be for a game.  Hopefully this positive relationship between the football team and us will continue on as we support each other in our upcoming games this season!


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