A day in my life — Mansie Hough

Mansie Hough ’16

Mansie Hough is a sophomore defensive specialist from St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mansie Hough is a sophomore defensive specialist from St. Petersburg, Fla.

The thing about writing a “day in the life” of a W&L volleyball player article is that no day is ever the same. I know that sounds cliche, but…it’s true. However, I will definitely have an exciting review for you since I am writing about my second first day of school at Washington and Lee! (aka, Wednesday, September 4).

Today started off pretty quickly for me as I awoke to the sounds of my new roommates, who I have been living with for about a week now (and one of whom is Kasey from the team), eating and chatting in our Woods Creek apartment at 7:30 AM. I could have been mad, but sometimes ya just gotta roll with the punches. Once I was up, I headed over to Elrod Commons to meet with one of our freshmen Maddy Cutler (Cutty) so we could set up to sell shirts and promote our team like the team always does in the early weeks of the year. As much as I missed our beautiful campus and selling shirts with my teammates, I was brutally reminded of the long (for W&L…short on basically any other college campus) and hilly walk to the Business Office…I almost called Coach and told him I would have to sit today’s practice out due to fatigue (kidding…sort of). So after that Cutty and I hung out at our table and made 5 or 6 sales, so that was great. We also had some visitors when Sam and Meghan stopped by after their psychology class, and of course heard some funny Sam stories since there is always a Sam story.

After selling shirts, Cutty and I headed straight to the fitness center to kill our second lift of the official school year. While the lift was awesome and I always feel very accomplished getting in some hard work throughout the day outside of practice, I didn’t miss having to figure out how to look presentable for class right after sweating it out through planks and bench presses quite as much. I have to say, over the past year I have figured out some very creative ways to hide the fact that I literally sweat all day long. Anyway, after my lift, I headed to my first class of sophomore year, which, coincidentally, I share with Anna and Ellie! I love having classes with teammates, because it’s a lot easier (and sometimes more motivating) knowing someone with a schedule just as hectic as yours has the same workload.

The class I went to today was for history, and aside from Anna and Ellie, I have a lot of friends from outside the team in that class, so I’m excited about that as well. As anyone from the team will tell you, my voice has been very hoarse all throughout preseason, and is still hoarse, and pretty much nothing but an awkward squeak came out when the professor called my name for attendance, because why wouldn’t something embarrassing happen to me on the first day? After class, I had my first sorority house dining experience, which was delicious and I had a great time catching up with girls from my sorority that I haven’t gotten to talk to in a while. I went straight from lunch to the gym to prepare for practice, which was easily the best part of my day even though it was a long and tough few hours in an absurdly hot gym.

DEB_8320_1After practice, Kasey, Jenna and I made our first Co-Op run of the year for dinner, which was delightful, as expected. After that, Kasey, Anna, Christina and I did something fun, which was going to Kasey’s boyfriend’s frat house because they were (of course) having a volleyball party! Their house has a grass court in its yard, and a lot of people were playing and just hanging out. It was really fun, especially since we were taking it easy so as not to hurt ourselves or wear ourselves out. We also got to catch up with a lot of our friends there so that was great. One thing I love about my team is that even in season, we always manage to have a blast no matter where we are or what we’re doing, and still keep our goals and our health in mind.

Now I’m sitting in my apartment, catching up on emails, homework, watching film, etc. and of course writing this lovely article for your enjoyment. One thing I can say is that today definitely took it out of me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m asleep about 10 minutes from now…however, I’m SO happy to be back at school and into my routine again…season in my absolute favorite time of year. I also should probably add that today although I was busy and doing a lot of different things, in the back of my mind all day was the fact that this weekend we have our invitational and that I am soooo pumped for it. A day in the life of a W&L volleyball player may be hectic, weird and funny, but come November, a day in the life will also bring us a national championship, so keep watching!


One thought on “A day in my life — Mansie Hough

  1. Hi Mansie, so excited for you that you are back at school and getting ready for another success season. Sounds like a blast and so happy for you that you have made so many great friends and are managing everything so well! Also find it amusing that your teammates were so very kind to the boys at the frat house. Looking forward to following you and your team’s accomplishments this season.
    Coach Milk

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