A Rookie’s Preseason Perspective

By: Maddy Cutler ’17


Maddy Cutler ’17

Hey guys! My name is Madeline Cutler and I’m a freshman DS on the 2013 Generals Volleyball Team!  My first week on campus has been pretty hectic and exhausting, but I’m having a lot of fun.  When I first moved in on Thursday, I was pretty worried about how small my room is!  My room at home is almost double the size of this room!  Sharing a room with another person is going to be challenging for me because I’ve always had a room to myself, but I think it will be a great opportunity to make new friends.  I’m a fairly messy person, so I really hope my roommate doesn’t hate me because of it.  I’ve been trying to keep things clean, but it’s so hard for me!

When my parents first left, I was really upset because my family is really close, but Coach Snyder has made it impossible to have time to be homesick!  We have a busy schedule every day which consists of two practices, a weightlifting or pool recovery, lunch, dinner, and team bonding time.  We also have an occasional nap time which is pretty great!  All of these workouts have really been helping me get in shape for the season both physically and mentally.  The upperclassmen have been amazing during this huge transition in my life!   They have been giving me great advice and helping me adjust to the rigors of college volleyball.  I’m never afraid to ask them questions and they always take the time to give me a complete, detailed answer.  They never make me feel like I’m inconveniencing them by asking them a stupid question!  They have really welcomed the first-years and me with open arms! By coming to Washington and Lee I already have a great group of friends without even trying!

The preseason has been great so far.

The preseason has been great so far.

Trying to make friends outside of the volleyball team has been challenging for the first-years though because we never see anyone to talk to!  Kenzie and I live across the hall from each other and have tried really hard to make friends, but no one on our floor will talk to us!  Well actually we are only in our dorm for an hour out of the day, so we really just don’t see anyone.  Kenzie’s neighbor moved in over a week ago and we saw him for the first time yesterday!

A fun (well hopefully fun) thing that the first-years have to do is make up a freshman “skit” for the volleyball team.  We started working on it last night and I think it will be hilarious!  We are dancing to some popular dance songs, but obviously tall, awkward volleyball players can’t dance which is why it’s going to be so funny!  I’m pretty pumped for our performance!!  Hopefully the other girls think we are funny or it will be pretty embarrassing! The skit has been awesome rookie bonding time and I think we have all become much closer in the past week.

The rookie class at Marietta camp this summer.

The rookie class at Marietta camp this summer.

The thing I love most about my team is that everyone is always in a good mood.  Now that might not be the case when school starts and we become sleep deprived, but I love that everyone is positive and always laughing and smiling!  I love how intense our practices are and everyone makes it a goal to push each other to become the best players they can possibly be.  My favorite thing at practice is the end when we do the positive circle.  Usually club and high school volleyball are filled with negative comments from your coaches and teammates which can be really frustrating.   It’s so rewarding for me to be able to give my teammates positive feedback and really make them feel good about how hard they have been working!  Preseason has been a great experience for me so far and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this season!!


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